A Vigil

Written by: Ray Harris

Gray filtered light struggles earthward, stealth forgotten
Random paths sought, discovered, not otherwise trodden
Lazily zephyrs seize tired leaves off dying limbs, locked
In wildly changing patterns
Swirling, whirling, twirling, shaken, often a partner taken
Potpourri of Nature's warning, trapped in a frantic dance
Silence as the storm approaches, dark tendrils, icy menace
Born of power, bold of purpose
Light crashes as day's dawning, red sky screams it's notice
life forms scurry. The heavens open. Clouds burst
The watcher lifts her eyes
Screams a welcome at the sky, caught up in the fevered cry
Bound to the fury of the storm, reaches up, as though to fly
Greets the rain, as a lover, lies in the very bed the wild made
I am truly alive