The Warrior Princess

Written by: Eileen Manassian

Don’t think me fragile, quick to break
No, don’t ever make that mistake
My warrior spirit’s deep and strong
I can avenge when faced with wrong
I am the Warrior Princess
I gallop on the my mighty steed
Brandish my sword, fulfill my need
What my eyes crave, I swoop to take
No human dares this heart to break
I’m the Warrior Princess

With mad abandon, I make love
With eagle talons, I’m no dove
I subjugate, and I command
Full surrender to each demand
I’m the Warrior Princess

When you think me supple and weak
The fire in my eyes will speak
I play a role, capture your soul
I dominate not part but whole
I am the Warrior Princess

In my veins the power to rule
No man can play me for a fool
Yes, he may think my heart is won
But can you hold the blazing sun?
I’m the Warrior Princess

My fierce passion, you cannot match
Your body from her bed I’ll snatch
Ravish you till I’ve had my fill
Might let you live or I might kill

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Oh…oh…oh….I had SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS! One of my students once told me that I reminded him of Xena, The Warrior Princess. I burst out laughing, and then… others corroborated the story.  Oh for her spirit! LONG LIVE the warrior princess within!!! ;) Yea…have a laugh. Why not? Just make sure you don't cross me!!!!