Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

The Greek poet Hesiod, really knew his stuff
He told of the trials and tribulations, and all that mythological fuss
Sired by Poseidon as the horse-god, foaled by Medusa with snake hair
Pegasus born a winged horse divine; to others it was not fair

His mother died decapitated, by young Perseus son of Zeus
Some say it was as her blood stained the ground, and that was her use
Zeus took this winged horse and sent him to thunder bring
Because he wanted to be thunder holder, as he was the Olympian King

Pegasus the bringer, of aqua springs wherever his feet touched
Sent by Poseidon to mount Helicon, to stop it swelling too much
The rapturous songs of the muses,
Poseidon thought the Mount would explode
Pegasus did alight, to lighten the pressure untold.

Zeus then took Pegasus, after many exciting excursions
A wondrous thunder carrying beast
 And to lighting he had no aversions.
He placed him the sky as Pegasus the constellation
As we search the skies we see him, he is there for the duration.

© GG 17/06/2013