Written by: cherie thomas

Barriers broken, 
   Words unspoken
Cant let you in
  My skins to thin
My hands are bare
  Sweat covers the 

A layer taken,
  Starting to break in
My thoughts are shaken
  I cant breath...

Im sinking slowly
  I have to leave
The door is closing
  Im slowly choking.

Your prescence is 
Another layer taken
  Nothing faking.

Im slipping in silence
  Weakened in shyness
Butterflies, fluttering, 
  Anxious, nervous
Whenever your near.

A layer has just again, 
Your touch is tender
  Passionate, intense.

Im breathless, blinded
  Have no defense.
I cant deny what I feel
Although I hide.
  A layer subsidies.

This is heavy, I love you
  So much.
I scream with emotion,
  Each time we touch.

You have pulled me out
  I have, let you in.
I have never experienced
  This feeling.

Vulnerable no longer,
  My heart secured.
My love crys with

No longer a layer
  A layer no more

This was originally, meant to be a song.
I wrote
Inspired by a song I love
Colour blind ,,by counting crows:)

contest: new poets 
Posted 6/ 14/ 2013