Breakfast in Nornalup

Written by: Peter Duggan

The sun shines through a misty haze
As the river sparkles so
A love song plays on the radio
And the whole world seems to glow
The suns rays turn to a billion gems
Before my very eyes
And a magic, mystic harmony
It all around me lies.

Two brown ducks hang around my legs
As I blow some music out
These ducks take pleasure in my tunes
Of this there be no doubt
As I give some bread to each of them
Those hungry little fellows
And watch them gobble it all up
On this morning soft and mellow

The wife and daughter in the kitchen
They call out ‘chow is up’
There’s eggs, and bacon, and fried bread
And hot tea in a cup
Then Gus, the dog comes bounding up
To cadge his share of food
On this morning here in Nornalup
I’m in a bliss filled mood.