my friend

Written by: kimberly andreasen

Easy come, easy go
you came into my life
for what reason,  i don't know
you put it down and I was like, whoa
then took advantage cause I couldn't say no
you knew what you were doing from day one
prowling for cougars in need of some fun
give em some dope dick and its about to be on
played me like an instrument to get what you want
anything you asked, I'd make it happen
I, your first mate and you were the captain
new castles, blunts, long drives, good music
the commerce casino and laughs
i didn't think to proceed with caution
but should have known it wouldn't last
because you met someone and fell in love
and rightfully so...that's how we became friends 
and regretfully so...because now my only regret
is having to let my friend go because i miss him so!