Written by: delysia hendricks

With the onset of years
erstwhile crazy ideas
abandoned with caution and dread
now crowd my mind
no peace I will find
till my conscience lies neatly in shreds

Conscience, out the way
there's hell to pay
for too long I've toed the line
Ms Goody Two-Shoes
who never once boozed
longs to taste the fruit of the vine

Since exiting the womb
no breathing room
another's cousin, sister or daughter
later in life
mother and wife
now breaking free to taste the sweet water

Once meek and restrained
willingly chained 
missed out on the pleasures of life
no fun to be had
not a chance at being bad
as a dutiful mother and wife

Inch by sure inch 
my conscience I'll lynch
spread my wings which were hitherto clipped
down with taboos
I'll expose my tattoos
and enjoy my first skinny dip

I dream of a match
to telly dispatched
on the streak my clothes I'll abort
displaying my tattoos
and unmentionables too
and a full frontal view before caught

No doubt you'd agree 
my earlier poetry
has a somewhat conservative ring 
conscience, step aside
you've my freedom denied
readers, prepare for smut on a string

Though passionately aflame
this steri-clean dame
aims in the heart zone to practice due care
though my conscience'll be dead
of all life been bled 
I'll draw the line at illicit affairs