Time Space Warp

Written by: Rany Fortuno

If only I had the power
to turn back the hands of time
every second, every minute, every hour,
I will try to rewind..

All the fun and laughter
the moments that I cherish
I'll make them last forever
so there'll be no need to reminisce..

All the sorrow, pain, and grief
all the tears that I've cried
though so bitter they made me
so much stronger inside..

But I'd also take back the mean things
and the harsh words I've said
I would rectify my wrong decisions
set noble goals and plan ahead..

And I'd want to make more friends
touch more people's lives
share memories for hours on end
make bonds that never die..

But all I have are pictures
of people, of places, of me and you
so until I get that power
I guess these will have to do..