the revenge of a doormat

Written by: jan oskar hansen

 The Revenge of a Doormat 

It is late at night happily not hot just like 
a friendly spring and I have forgotten to water my plant
…. I have in the yard a 23 year old Cacti, he is the boss 
and has assured them that I will water them soon, and
 when he does be prepared for a deluge.
As I was preparing lunch: steak with salad, if you must
now, a cat looks posh sat on the mat on the front door 
meowing, so I opened a tin of tuna fish as it can´t do it.
I did this not so much out of charity, I´m not blistering    
on aiding the needy, but because my wife had rang 
me from Cascais asking for more money decorating our 
flat, and she dislike cats. I did laundry today, washed my 
trousers and forgot to take my phone out of its pocket.
It was a new one the type that takes picture, if she had 
been here this would not had happened so I will feed
the cat tomorrow too.