No More

Written by: Xavier Keough

I swallow the sword of silence
reading contours of curvaceous blithe
trying to understand words like life
forsaken like a child on Christmas morn
fingertips of time tiptoeing down my back
as I stare into muted mirrors of bitter black
She lies in weightless wait
snuggled with virtue of viscid fate
sterile surroundings of unmitigated plight
still believing in truth and eternal love
oblivious to tines of tears above
piercing my heavy heart
Her faith never sleeps
when I sometimes forget to breathe
pounding footsteps terrorizing me
praying in shadows trying to collect my fears
knowing that tomorrow grows ever near
like the hand she once gave me
I do not believe in choice
sacrificing hope for the pain of remorse
doctors whispering what cannot be sung
compressions of vows in lifeless lungs
As I kiss lips that smiled but days before
Knowing I can never say…no more