Introduction, The Painting

Written by: Broken Wings

The Painting By Constance La France A perplexing plot, an enchanting romance, it quivers with passion, mystery, as lies unravel and family secrets are exposed at last! Can a garage sale painting reveal secrets . . . or hidden truths. And for striving artist Miranda, finding it is only the beginning into a labyrinth of lies, horror--and murder. It brings Tom Ashton into her lonely life and eventually makes her a suspect in his brutal and fatal shooting. She sets out to solve his death and clear her name--and uncover why Tom wanted the painting back so desperately... what was in the painting that he did not want her to know-- Miranda will go through the crumbling gates of Ashton Manor where Tom's hidden truths resided. Where family secrets lay concealed -- who had a reason to kill Tom and who has decided that Miranda is the next to die? What is hidden within that painting? SHE STANDS BACK LOOKING AT THE PAINTING STARING AND PONDERING, WHAT TRUTHS DO YOU HIDE? Hardcover, $39.95 June 5, 2013 For the contest, You've Written A Novel