Why Fate Why

Written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Came upon my doorstep
Once upon a winter's night
A man with a heavy footstep
In need of a new day's sight!

Pity overcame me and I gave him my heart
And he made of me his own sweetheart
Yet I knew not when I was all torn
And held of life as an object of mourn

Long ago that was,
Today, breathing are my scars
Even I let go of all those wars
I cannot dream again of those stars

Blurred was my whole life
Once a lover, now seeing only strife
I can only ask Fate,
You who watch my gait,

You who gave me such a sorry state
Why, Why?  Could you not wait?
Could you not let me be
Happy in this reality?

All I ever wanted was to help
All I ever did was to whelp
Like a wounded animal
Like a disillusioned girl in need of her pal!