It was dark - poem to keep you awake contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

It was dark in the Air Raid Shelter
Water underfoot
Candles had long since extinguished
But the battle raged  all night

Mrs Brown
She's the nosey one
Had peeked though a chink
Sky red with fire cant see anyone

A child started whimpering
Are we  going to die
The words started off a chorus
Of cries and shouts "why"

Was a long night
Noise was horrendous
Not knowing was worse
Was fire all round us?

Did we have a chance
Then a lone voice started to sing
Slowly we all joined in
"We'll meet again" echoing

At last the door opened
Daylight blinded us
We were still alive
Our homes were a mess

Then I awoke in a state of trembling fear
Thinking of loved ones lost in the war