Love Song

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

Up all night,
Constantly singing,
A love song.
I loved you hard.
You did me wrong.
Called the other day,
Yes you did,
Acting like a love sick kid.
Up all night,
We used to be together,
Constantly creating love songs
Now I'm up all night,
All alone constantly singing,
The love song!
I constantly wonder,
If you're up all night too.
I hope alone and not,
With someone new.
Lost love that keeps,
Lurking back is all,
This song has to say.
And I know although,
We are not close.
It's your heart it speaks to.
Tonight I'll be up,
All night,
Singing with my voice bright.
And no matter where you are,
Or who you're with. In your
Heart you will hear it!