Written by: Tshifhiwa Mafora


As of dust you were moulded into a priceless masterpiece.
Healers could only predict your arrival as your perfect coming was 
written down by the only giver of life.

The day you braced the world with your presence, 
tears fell down cheeks and warm smiles lit the room bright.
What a joyous day it was.

Such an innocent & perfect being you were yesterday, today the world has flawed you.
Thorns have pierced through your delicate feet.
A pain so deep, the thought of forgiving those that curse and hurt you has no room in your heart. 
Hope one day it will get easier to pardon the unjust.

Take me not, I am not ready. 
Imperfect as I am teach me to accept and understand my
purpose as I live.
Wash away my hurt and prepare my heart and mind for when my chapter ends.
I cant deny but only appreciate why you kept me an extra mile.

As from dust I return, i now understand.
I will be ready and untarnished.