More Somewhat Twisted Thoughts for the Day Concerning Precipitation

Written by: Tim Ryerson

Safety tip: NEVER venture outside when it’s raining cats and dogs
The last time it rained cats and dogs the county workers were NOT amused
It rained cats and dogs during a drought and the FARMERS were not amused

When Gene Kelly sang in the rain he got arrested for disturbing the peace
So Donald O’Conner had to take over and HE got arrested for public intoxication
So they asked Debbie Reynolds and she said, ‘You have GOT to be kidding... I just got my hair done’ 

Every time it rains, it rains pe…Ouch (THAT’S gonna bruise)
Just my luck…It rained pennies from heaven and I forgot to turn my freekin' umbrella upside down
Due to inflation in now rains quarters from heaven (Dude, you seen the price of UMBRELLAS lately?)

Sure wish it would rain on somebody ELSE’S parade for a change
Once it HAILED on my parade (The floats sustained irreparable damage and there were minor injuries)
Nobody’s gonna rain on MY pa…(Uh, God…You forgot to clear this with Mother again didn't you?)

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