Written by: Therese Bacha

       ~He Left~

I woke up blind 
with no light 
unable to fight back 
I couldn't understand why 
you left my hand 
allowing yourself 
to pretend 
it was a love approaching 
than you ended it 
never told me
it`s a dead end.

I had no back entrance to my heart
all doors were sealed 
when you made 
me bleed, 
couldn't begin to heal 
my pain overturned
my decision to deal
with my coming minutes 
seconds and hours
awake ready to break
any door even to crawl
on the floor and survive 
before I dive deeper 
into an ocean
none desire to coop
with the raging waves
my love was done
I will float till a boat
could find me or none.
Therese Bacha