Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield


When life makes you feel so small,
and there is no one you can call,
and there is nothing and no one, at all,
who is there to catch you, as you fall.

Who will touch you or lessen the pain ?
In your heart you believe – never again
and so, from the arms of love, you refrain,
- crying, trying to hold back the tears, falling like rain –
bleeding from every pore of your shattered heart,
believing, not another chance for a new start.

Love, and that life has passed you by !,
leaving this hollowness behind your eye,
eyes that once knew, saw all and saw nothing, 
– now there is no voice – Love’s songs, never to sing -  
so love becomes a memory, nothing is able to bring 
you back to the innocence – riding upon a dream swing
that could carry you up into the world of glittering stars
past the rings of Jupiter, past Venus, out of reach, of Mars

B. J. “A” 2
March 22nd 2009