A Million Bucks

Written by: James Horn

A Million Bucks

So oh well the weather sure sucks 
And if I now had a million bucks, 
We'd leave Seattle and Carolina go; 
Living's so easy and is always slow.

Sold home in Seattle and left the place; 
Headed to Carolina at a rapid pace 
And finally after we had arrived there, 
Was greeted with great weather everywhere.

We enjoy new house which was built; 
Had hamburgers and sweet tea we spilt. 
After that me and my wife went inside 
So she could cook our food southern fried.

Caught cat fish and was clawed by big crab; 
To us, the whole place was totally fab, 
But wish wife would try to quit her twitching 
From mosquito bites she has been itching.

James Thomas Horn 
Virginia Born Retired Veteran