Written by: jan oskar hansen


I had a dream
to be an extrovert,
I opened a café and
when people came I didn´t know 
how to behave
so I told them to get lost.
I had a beautiful café… clean
and empty and I said to myself
tomorrow I will not be shy
open it and welcome guests.
but I never got around opening it again.
My sister´s boy 
was like me he made furniture,
beautiful pieces – an artist.
He opened a shop trying to sell his stuff,
but when people came 
he hid in one of his wardrobes  
and did´t come out before prospective 
costumers had gone.
It is tough to be paralyzing shy,
once in Paris, France, I was reading poetry
on a stage, so petrified 
I had no idea what I was doing there
so I ran out and drowned in
the Parisian night.
Full of whisky and valium I danced 
tango on a table and didn´t fall off.
Which goes to prove that? 
an introvert is a person who has lost
the key to his inner self.