Sinking Sand

Written by: Amber Moll

Entangled in a dream, reality is so far away.
Hiding in the closet, wanting not to stay. 

What surrounds me, no one knows.
This road I’m traveling, I yes, I chose.

Spinning around me are the problems I face.
Which way shall I go? I can’t find my place.

Growing weaker as the days go by,
I want to give up, I don’t want to try.

I want to deny the feelings I feel,
And the hurt only God can heal.

My mind is swollen with thoughts so deep,
Separating me from this world, I sleep.

Lying there restless, tears flowing from my eyes,
Thinking about God and how hard I try.

Wanting to reach out and take his hand,
Instead I’m stuck in this sinking sand.