letting go

Written by: bryony russell

Letting go

Have you ever felt yourself holding back all those feelings? Where you just want to shout them from the roof tops.
Until everyone hears. 
The pain, the agony the torture of letting someone who is worth more than money, worth more than treasure and worth so much more than gold go is the hardest thing in the world!

I remember when we first met. Your eyes stared perfectly into mine, it was a wish come true. I remember all the laughter all the fighting and each little bit of happiness your love and company made. I was the happiest, I felt loved and I felt honored.

The word war. Soon took over, the word war poisoned your precious brain, the word war captured you like a spider captures a fly on a web.
War arrived.

I spent the last day with you doing the same usual tucked up in our luxury soon to be changed for a filthy battlefield filled with other poisoned brains lying dead on the ground. I treasured each second I had with you. I hoped it wouldn't be our last.

Early morning I laid out your uniform. I felt guilty.
I could not stop you from endangering your life. 
I wanted to run away with you. Anywhere without war. I would've happily escaped to save your freedom. You meant so much to me, you still do now . How I'd love to see your face.

Oh how I regret holding back those feelings, the pain the agony the torture still kills me a little more inside each time the sun will rise.

From the day you said goodbye.
I could do nothing but cry.
Each day I would prey.
When you are back I want you to stay.
Goodnight my solider,
I love you more and more each day.