A Ten Spot

Written by: Jack Ellison

A funny thing happened on my way to work Was stopped by a down and out man Asked if I could spare a ten spot for a coffee Ten bucks could buy a whole damn can! Said he didn't want to keep on bugging me Every day when we met on the street Thought a ten spot would keep him in coffee For two or possibly three weeks! I suspected this coffee he was talking about Wasn't your Colombian brew His breath was enough to knock down a rhino It was extraordinarily potent, p-eew! Well lo and behold saw a dude with a camera Filming the whole damn scene Turned out this down and out beggar guy Was a plant from Candid Camera it seems! Was just about to give him the middle finger Good thing they told me in time Could have seen my mug on national TV Giving him that very rude sign! © Jack Ellison 2013