Story Teller

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I traveled
With my friend
Deep into the Forest
To seek out the story teller

If you are brave enough
He will tell your story
Listen carefully 
It will come true
Adventures and riches
The realization of you

Still there is a darker side
Two must approach
There will be a great loss
The other must pay a cost

Each story will be told
You won't know who's future unfolds
The message will be received
The curse will follow
The one who leaves

So me and my friend 
We walk many days
Through gnarled trees
On the path we stay
Following strange music
It beckoned on the  breeze

In a clearing
A tiny crooked house
Door open
We walk in
"I was expecting you"

We sit down together
In front of the fire
He lays out the rules

"One will win
One will lose
You will not know
Which the future will choose"

With great detail he did describe
We listened intently to his tale
On the wings of adventure our minds did sail

Story one
A glorious tale
Adventure and riches
A hero who can't fail
Crowned a king
A castle home
In fields of clover
With his true love he roams
Respect and wealth
A family fine
I hope and pray this future is mine

The second tale is that of woe
A land of darkness wherever he goes
Who's future is this
We do not know
Within our hearts the doubt it grows

We listen to each tale until the end
Is this all real or just pretend
How can I be happy if my friend is lost
We both failed to consider the ultimate cost

The story teller says
"You are both very brave
which of you chooses your friend to save?"

Name the price
I will pay
He smiles his smile
And then he says
"You must give the good future away
Instead it's here that you must stay"

Come deep into the forest
Bring with you a friend
All I ask is that your ears you'll lend
If you come together
The stories won't be pretend
If you have dreams you want to come true
There has to be
Two of you

For I am
The Story Teller
The weaver of Dreams
The answers you seek
Are closer than they seem

Written May 12th, 2013