MY TIMES recited

Written by: Brian Strand

When I was young,in summer sun
the excitement of life,just begun,
hours seemed like days, and days
by brooklets,still,we lazed;
When I was young,in poverty
simple pleasures were had ,for free
improvisation was our key,
for sport,fishing or climbing tree;
books and radio were for me,
putting a face to voice and place
the birth of creativity.
Frugal times,spent so close to home
sans shopping malls and telephone
Come take my hand & walk with me
an English country scene we'll see,
down green lanes and over stiles,
we'll walk, and walk, for miles;
Come take my side and stroll awhile,
in Spring meadows with clover lush,
primrose,buttercup and cowslip,
then through blubell woodlands,trip;
Take my arm,and with me ramble
over hill and downland we'll wander
the bridleway ,hedged with bramble,
to an inn for lunch.we'll amble.
Homely victuals,sure to please
conversing long,we'll take our ease.
Memories on the wall and in the hall,
yesterday's dreams faded recollections
what I was and we were now are 
no more,reside in photographs  
and lie in drawers with country walks
for miles and children's smiles;
Landscapes of broken hearts are
now still life,of everyday joys, when
girl met boy,what-might-have-been ;
or a if only,we had yet no other way
or could have been We had no 
manual with love's sweet dream.

Listen to me read these poems on youtube under name of ichthyschiro