Feelings of lonliness

Written by: Aleasha Martin

Sitting in this cold cold position
My body’s numb like when no one listens
Like the heartbreak hotel…you guessed it
Only it’s like cookin’ in hell’s kitchen
You were supposed to be the one that I run to 
The understanding one…so how do I get through?
wonderin’ if what I say to you hits you
Like it hits me like a ton of black bricks
so dark and so lonely…
I’m giving up slowly…but then again I’m not
Only so much effort I can put in 
You just got me at this road block 
I lay in my bed alone now…no sleep at night 
but you still look at me like how
I set a table for one but still hope that you’ll come…
Down the stairs to join me
But when you don’t it’s still so hard to believe
I sing my favorite songs alone
And watch my favorite movies alone…
There’s this emptiness in my stomach
Starting to wonder if I’m broken or just sick 
Just like the flu with no symptoms
Just livin’ with feelings of lonliness

Written by Aleasha Martin