Come Back To Me Now

Written by: Tawanda Chidombwe

A blooming rose I will forever cherish
Tender love that will never perish
Lasting memories, long enough not to fade
But the heart, still sore from the cut of the blade,
Its blood still gushing out,
because it is you I can not live without
Will you come back to me now?

Deep in my heart lives a shrunken spirit
For this loss leaves me with no merit
I can not continue to shelter these tears
For sure, they are not falling on deaf ears
I still look for you in expectancy,
Only to fill the pain at its infancy,
Please come back to me now.

In You I visioned a feminine godess
An image that ressembled a royal princess
Missing you, I can not help soul-mate
Yet to believe it's  too late
Will I ever touch you my rose
For your scent is still fuming fresh in my nose
So much I need you, come back to me now