The Children At Home

Written by: Robert Ball

The other day, as I prayed alone
I watched a group of children at play at a neighbor’s home
Most of their fathers are away at war,
Fighting on a distant shore.
The youngsters would run past my window,
Full of excitement and with faces a glow.
Up and down the street, I watched as they played
Yet I was still able to pray.
I forgave them for their brief interruptions
And I thanked God for their vitality with no thoughts of corruption.
It was clear to see they were having fun indeed
With never a hint of malice or greed!
Since I was already talking to Jesus my Savior
I decided to ask Him for a favor.
“Please Lord, protect these children at home
From sickness, pestilence, or the horrors of a real war zone.
Protect their dads, so far away. Yes, protect the father and the child.
Let the soldiers be reminded all the while
That Your Hand is on their families as well
As they face the terrors of a man-made hell!
I ask you Lord to be there for all of them
‘til the warrior and his family are united again.”
My prayer was over; I had my own war-bags to pack.
For I too would soon be fighting, covering a buddy’s back.
As I join the valiant soldiers in their endless task;
Of you, dear reader, I also have a favor to ask:
Will you pray for the children each and every day?
And pray for their fathers so far away?
I pray that when the dads do return home
Their children will not have to fight any wars of their own.