Mom An Amazing Gift

Written by: Robert Ball

Mom’s what an amazing gift to their children.
The Lord says, “Only the children enter the Kingdom.”
Moms first time moms, raise and grow with her siblings.
As she teaches they respond to child like instincts knowing that mom loves them.

They learn that mom is caring, gentle, inspiring, loving nurturing mothers.
She cares for them equally as much as she the others sister and brothers.
A stone, a rock, mom as they grow up conforms to their own personalities.
She teaches them values, morals, how to communicate, walk and talk you realizing the reality.

The first five years are the most important time in a child’s life.
He learns to crawl, stand, walk, talk, they learn the basics, and she is always there to hear their cries.

Moms are so special they love their families, to her that is all, that’s it.
She never has time to be sick or tired; she always has inner strength she gets it.
No matter what age, her children know that mom will always be there for them.
God put all moms on earth so their children will be taught morals, values and no matter where they are headed in life, she is guiding them to His Kingdom.

God loves mom’s part of His loving light.
A calmer, a protector, lover of children, spiritually bright.
Anytime day or night she is there for her children one and all.
She gets it she answers God’s spiritual call.