My Charm And Humbleness

Written by: Jack Ellison

With my tongue planted firmly in my cheek... We certainly can't all be movie stars Who'd be left to go to the show I don't mind being the one to sacrifice It's not about the big heaps of dough Yes, the sacrifice would be a mighty one But I'm prepared for life as a star Maintaining my charm and humbleness Which will certainly take me far I'd live in a mansion in Beverly Hills But I wouldn't forget my roots You people could visit me any old time It certainly won't cost you much loot Normally I'd charge an arm and a leg But for you folks it'd just be an arm What the hey, you've got more than one No reason to get so alarmed It would go to a very worthy cause To provide me with the life I deserve For entertaining all you very sweet folks You think I'm throwing you a curve? How could you think so badly of me When have I lied to you before? I'm as straight and honest as the day is long You've hurt me to the very core Okay, okay, I must come clean I'm yanking your chain a wee bit The reason I've decided to do this for you So you'll remember when I'm a big hit © Jack Ellison 2013