One Last Love Letter

Written by: Adam Adhistian

You—I know not whether you could recall
My name and my old, dead words. Forgive me;
For my lips are too dry to bring them back, my voice
Too hoarse to capture what used to live, my ink
Too faint to paint all that was once true. But, let me
Now tell you something else—something which
Has never changed:

I know we don’t talk anymore. We 
Text, we chat, we send things to each
Other’s ask-box. But, even now, I hope
I am me to you—I hope I’ve been human:
Flesh and bones, pulses and heartbeats;
Tears and blood, hugs and kisses; Not 
Inanimate, cryptic texts and mere digital smileys
Flashing on the flat screen whenever
You log into Tumblr, or Viber, or KakaoTalk.

I hope you hear laughter in my every LOL,
I hope you catch the disappointment
Between my O’s and K’s, I hope you feel 
Lean arms holding you with my every ‘/hugs’;
I hope your lips twitched from my soft breathing,
Back when I used to text you ILU.

So I write you one last love letter—all pen and paper;
Though I know: I can only mail it, all in HTML codes.