Unleash thine fury unto tides o' the sea,
Perpetuate turbulent waters mercilessly.

Thou titan o' the deep e'ermore chilled,
Where yester-year bloody battles spilled.

Ships of legion sink low to brackish grave,
Though still foolish scurvy hoist sail to brave.

Whilst mermaids serenade mariner buffoons,
Ushering scoundrels to soggy tombs.

A wretched sailor spirited mine heart from me,
His true love only for Mistress the Sea.

So unleash thine temper infamous Poseidon,
Ne'ermore to embrace mine filching lover again.

Dare I not glimpse a cloud gathered o'er the sea,
Carry not mine perfidious lover back to me.

Cursed is he to an untimely watery grave,
I harbor acrimony for that foolish nave.

As mine embittered tears fill briny e'er deep,
His treacherous cold heart assuredly keep .