Written by: Paul Powell

             CYBER SHAG
             (A silly poem)

It's good to cyber shag, talk message or chat 
It's ok to flirt, it's harmless to act at times like a twat
It's good to be cool, to joke it's so nice to be heard 
If I was Irish would 3 be shit! of course it would it's turd

Yes i am sharp like stannah, the famous of blades 
Hard work leaves periods of dullneess
and no time to geting laid ;)

Whooo a bit raunchy, have i gone to far 
no if you're a modern free thinking woman, suffragettes burn that bra

Gawjuice, baba,  C REE ARSE, clever use of words  
Wtf, sounds funny you think! definitely not absurd

one doesn't  need mr sheen to shine, or even brasso 
? Do you like fajitas from old El Paso 

I love my hot food, yes I do love my spice 
variety mmmmm, that definitely is nice

some people are breakable flowers, some dog turd on metal

what I'm saying is, for those non flowers, i wont be calling them petal 

Anyway i hope these words bring on a pubescent smile
I can say with confidence I've got style

So it's back to work for me no time for play 
There is always porn if that helps wehay ;) 

Don't you think taramasalata sounds like ta ra ma see you later?
I use to have a thing for Eastenders Cat Slater 

But no more I can say without hesitation  
I'd rather choke the chicken beat the meat technical word masturbation ;)

So ta ta farewell au revoir chow
to all that read this, how you like me now
Da Predman powriginalpoems2makeu:)
2011 rewritten 30/04/13