Poem of Love, Grace and My Salvation

Written by: Michael Hilario

I am now overwhelm 
Emotions stirring me 
The things I’m containing
Trying hard to hide the world
You let open and scattered
In the wind that blows our face

I don’t want the world to see me
Like this
And no one see me in this state 
As you do
I want the world to know am strong
Yet you make me feel vulnerable

I had shown the world I am invincible
A person of great courage
But sometimes I get tired
Of carrying the load which is not mine
Great expectation surrounds my entity 
Yet now I melt in front of you

I want freedom
Togo anywhere and fly high
Search the world around
Be free to go deeper 
Release the real me
Without anybody noticing me 

I want to escape from the world’s  
Ever discriminating
To be with my love till eternity
Spend time together in joy
Working together
Loving each other as days past by me

Making kids
And memories
Lasting for a seconds a few
Yet I know there’s uncertainty in loving
Relationships may fall down
Be broken to shattered pieces

I’m afraid I can’t save it
From the cruelty of this universe
To condemn the fallen
To be one of them
I hated it
One thing I can do is live a day at a time

Blow like the wind
Flow like the river
That I may be released 
From the shackles of uncertainty
And plant me in a secure soil
Where I can go freely

Feelings of cruelty is not in me
Yet I’m surrounded by it
Contaminating thy hearts with dirt
Let me be free from all these
Let me spring with your love
Salvation and grace  

From eternity I shall bring forth
The sweetness of your love
The warmth of your embrace
And the freedom you gave from myself

Is God can hear us?
Are you real?
Why are you far?
Invisible from my naked eye
Yet you are everywhere from the beginning
Clouds of doubts are in my thoughts