The Other Side of Silence - The other Side Of Tomorrow

Written by: anne p. murray

The soft glow of the moon wrapped around me
Dressing me in her while, golden splendor
My heart inhaled its awesome beauty
Standing in the warm summer eve
I watched it drop into the ocean on the far side of the shore
Underneath the canopy of silver stars
A star shot into the Universe…
I wonder just where it went

The haunting infinity of it all, the Universe and Stars
It blankets the Earth in majestic wonder
The full moon’s heart of love
Gives us life from death and death from life
As day turns into night and night into day

Do not tread lightly in the Heavens
The secrets carried by the Universe are upon your doorstep
Learn its perfume ~ listen to its delicate pearls of wisdom
Observe the constellations ~
Bend gracefully into their radiance as you listen to the messages they send
Surrender to the coming of the New Dawn…Drink deep from the rivers of all knowledge
On the other side of silence ~ on the other side of tomorrow