Ad Astra

Written by: Roy Jerden

At the Rio Grande gorge
A high desert camping spot
Sleeping soundly on my back
On a canvas camper cot

Nature's bidding wakens me
So I know that I must rise
In chilly desert darkness
Then I crack my cranky eyes

Horizon to horizon
The resplendent Milky Way!
Transcendental radiance
And it steals my breath away

Ad astra! Ad astra!
To the stars I so yearn!
Of stardust I was born
To stardust I'll return

Mother Earth embraces me
I see Father Sky above
A trinity of unity
An eternity of love

Hesitant to break the spell
Minutes motionless I lie
In this enchanted moment
I could be content to die

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Until you've seen the stars in the
desert away from all light pollution
you've missed an experience.