The Storm

Written by: Seosamh De Burca

We lovers kissed as storm clouds rose and darkened early day,
Reunited again we held each other as storm winds made us sway.
Whispered winds swirled about as we lover’s sheltered true,
Softly caressing our bodies and blowing away the morning dew.
Slowly naked we did unpeel and pressed together in passions fire,
Kissing sweet and moving slow as lovers sing in personal choir.
Rain winds lap the cabin doors as if to condemn, defile, deplore,
As passion builds and cries aloud the storm outside rages more.
Beaded skins moved as one where words of love entwined our soul,
Enraging the storm it shook the world, two lovers lost within their role.
Gasped and teared, we clung to each other, till our bodies shake to rest.
The storms anger rages through and puts the cabins timbers to its test.
She leaves my side to meet the storm, naked, trembling, but with classic poise,
Opens the door and steps to meet the raging storm and its terrible noise.
It whips her body she cries aloud, claws her flesh and tugs her hair,
Yet stops as sudden and starts to cry its rain tears splash her skin so fair.
It gasps for breath at her beauty tall and brushes the hair from her eyes,
And leaves the world in silence now, except for its heart broken sighs.

Seosamh de Burca................. © 26th April 2013

Entered into Softly sensual contest