Evolution Worst Poem

Written by: craig cornish

Incapable of sleep
My thoughts stray afar
A finer part missing
If only to decrease my anxiety
Music to cloud, ease into
The patterns of my mind
I know the realities
That evolve into my heart
I know the truths
that evolve
Into my state of mind
From once slumbering serenity
Now climb beyond that wall
The infinity beyond is fixed
So certain, so beautiful
To anticipate tomorrow's sun 
Pensive apprehension follows too near
Relief, my mind's defeats
Only breath beyond the infinite
Chambers of incomprehension
Behold! If only to free expression
As we only know is real truth
And see that day freed from
Societies ambiguously responsible 
Pages of report.

For PD's worst poem contest--be careful, you might need therapy after reading this!
Written when I was 16