5 years In The Making

Written by: Vernon Songer

"5 Years lost in a week, 
Decisions Determine your Fate, 
So if your choice is to leave me, 
Then that’s the choice, you'll have to make, 

I've given you my world,
Disoriented but True, 
Your heart was filled
I desired nothing but you,

So as you run away from home,
Remember my love is not far away
I'll do my best to carry on, 
But, even better if you stay,

My Dreams revolved around the way your eyes moved
My life was planted around you with roots going abroad,
My biggest fear was losing my muse, you, 
And now this Tragedy has taken away my love,

So go as far away as you can,
My words, so sad, so true 
Come back to me when you can comprehend
The words, "I'll always love you" "

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