Birthday wishes to a beloved abroad

Written by: David De la Croes

May your day be clad in bright chitenge          (colorful flowing garments)
and your ears filled with the music of falling waters! 

Lwa mitonda , kaizeli!                                           (We miss you, sister!)                
See us run with arms outstretched 
like the wings of an airplane 
because, if we could, we would fly to you; 
see our encircling, turning legs 
like those of sprinting cyclists 
because, if we could, we would pedal to you; 
see us hop, in a sitting posture 
like that of a crazy taxi driver 
because, if we could, we would race to you. 
But we would rather have you here with us 

Africa ya kutonda, kaizeli!                                    ( Africa misses you, sister!)
Ku tezi batu - we are waiting for you                 ( We watch the horizon)
Utwa, ba andamisa - come dance with us.      (And the drums are beating)
While distance separates you from us  
we talk about you, smile, and say: 
Mutu yo munde ki ya na ni sikoka kwa batu;      (she will make many friends)
and we want you to remember always: 
Ku sebeleza Mulimu, ki makalelo a butali.      (it is more blessed to give than to receive)

Be blessed, dear sister! 
We wish you peace, we wish you joy 
and above all, we wish you love.