My Dear Son

Written by: Cynthia Ozuna

Dear son, I feel your pain, I feel your hurt
your so-called father treats you like dirt.
He’s abused you and caused you so much pain
it breaks my heart, I feel insane
knowing it’s my fault he’s your dad.
I wish I’d left him long ago, maybe if I had,
I could’ve saved you pain and heartache.
I should’ve been stronger for your sake.
Please forgive me for failing to protect you.
Forgive me son, for taking his abuse too.
I should’ve stood up to that hate-filled man,
if only I knew then that I can…
I CAN make it on my own, I CAN
protect my kids from that evil man.

You were my first born and brought me so much joy.
You had the cutest smile as a little boy.
I’m so sorry your dad turned your smile to a frown,
he stole your joy, beat you and put you down.
I’ve tried to make up for all the abuse,
but at times I feel like it’s just no use.
That man has damaged you beyond repair.
Seeing you so hurt, I cry to the Lord in despair,
“Lord, please help my son, take away the pain,
let him see that he has so much to gain
if he just gives his broken heart to You.
You will heal it and make it brand new.”

Son, you will have brighter days
I’m here for you and love you always.
God is with us to get us through
the hard times and heartache too.
All I ask is for your forgiveness
and you will see your life God will bless.
He will give you peace of mind,
joy in your heart you will find.