The Day When Close Your Eyes

Written by: Davian Evans

I Heard Persons Cry;
Saying I Can't Believe You Die
Without A Word from Your Mouth
From This Earth You Say Bye
Your Sun Was rise But Now It Set
You’re Gone; Loudly We Wept 
I Was Shock;
Wishing I Could See You Back
On Our Body, Our Clothes Painted In Black
I Cry Tears
Feeling Empty Like Ah Shop without Stock
Deep within Me I Was Grieve,
You Have Pass Away I Couldn't Believe 
You Are Missed By Family Friends and Relative;
But That's Life, God Take and Give 
On Our Face It Covers With Darkness;
We Stay Strong But Felt Like It Was Hopeless
Thinking About the Time We Spent 
The Joyful Moment;
Felt like The Life Living Now Is Dent
When Your Casket Open; Looking On Your Face;
I cried out, although in Heaven you’re gone to Fulfil Your Space
Whether at School There Was Your Empty Desk, Around the Family Table at Dinner They Look at Your Empty Chair;'
Sadness and Memories Evaporates In the Atmosphere 
“Ashes to Ashes Dust To Dust” Says the Pastor
You’re Parents Cry out Loud Missing the Child They Nurture
God Knows Best He Is the Creator
Faces Covered With H2O
When Under the Ground They Are Pushing Your Body Low
Attendance Mourn and Weep
Knowing Your 2+4 Feet Deep;
Writing This Status Poetry Tears was dropping on Ma Phone
Crying! It’s Not Me Alone
Your Grave Decorated With Flowers
Missing You the Same after Countless Hours;
Done By: Davian Evans