The Capital Shaker

Written by: David Fisher

There are many in our capital
Who share the same genome
They prefer to follow
Liars in that hollow
But there’s a fix to that
So see if you can swallow
Punching holes in the dome.

I’d then pick up that capital
And flip it upside-down
And wouldn’t it be nice
To shake it once or twice
So all the brain-less grains
Of sugar, salt, and spice
Pour onto the cold ground.

But that would leave just lobbyists
Toting devil’s favors
As their stock and trade
Let’s rain on their parade
And send them all back home
Since only homemade
Can improve D.C.’s flavor.

I wonder if our founders
Who built on those acres
A building square and plumb
Conceived it filled with bums
They’d pull out their wigs
If the best that it’d become
Was the capital shaker.