A Dragon's Prayer


Now I lay me down to prey,
Foolishly mortal wander this way.
Salivating with pangs of withdrawal,
A fierce craving to see victims crawl.

Gore and blood a redeeming fire,
Your painful death my one desire.
Unholy scarlet within glowing eyes,
Evil incarnate in winged disguise.

Make no mistake I'll eat you raw,
Slashing deep with one sharp claw.
Disemboweled at my scaly feet,
Smells so heady of pungent meat.

Be my guest, I implore you to run,
Exhilarating chase is half the fun.
A dragon's nature has no remorse,
You'll be a relished main course.

Vile and cruel the infinite thrill,
I long for the moment of the kill.
A fiery breath of brimstone heat,
Warms a victim to tar-tare meat.

The savoring bite to jugular vein,
Mortal cattle viewed with disdain
Adrenaline surge a mighty high,
As victims proceed to painfully die.

Ebbing life-force eventually fades,
Empty promise with souls for trades.
Keep your insipid religious prayer,
Victims taste divine with a hint of despair.