Written by: Robert Ball

S--- Spiritually God’s day of rest. A gift to man.
A--- Always on this day, acknowledge a spiritual hand.
T--- Truly honor the Father, His blessings His love. 
U--- “Us.” As children, remembering God’s spiritual dove.
R--- Remember, Our Father rests, this is a gift a day off.
D--- Devoting this day to Him, Acknowledging His love.
A--- A day to be with your God, your Father.
Y--- Yearning for the day when His flock, he decides to gather.

There are many ways to be thankful for Saturday.
A God given day to “Us,” to rest, to contemplate on as we give thanks and pray.
I think not it maters how it’s the thinking with love, it’s the thinking of Him.
The Creator, would”love” to hear from all of His children whatever the day, they will soon enter and see God and His spiritual Kingdom.