Written by: cortney bartholomew

the unstoppable heart pushed away,
pretended to like her anyway,
the truth in character snubbed their nose,
not seeing their own love was cold,
silence overcame her, in heart she withdrew,
seeing the true nature of what they do,
victory! they scream as she walked out the door,
the biased hearts believe they won some kind of war,
their trickery subtle, they privately mocked,
in every speech mixing love and hate to the top,
how hard to stand in the midst of all we see,
God reminds us to share his love in honesty,
so so very many who just walked away,
in tears they shared privately,,,they could not stay,
i fall to my knees, Lord why do you show this to me?,
i love them, Lord, this is my family,
i try to understand, in your love i reach out,
weighing down on my heart, i have no room for doubt,
you remind me to gather the parts is a gathering,
but to assemble the product is a whole different thing.