Written by: Fierce Malilangwe

Define you're fate
Or get defined by it
Fight to defend it
Crawl to protect it
Secretly try change it?

Everyday too be...
What we  seem not want
What we rear against
Fight to the count
Of a dance with Fate

Slow twirls around 
A empty room
Filled with silent screams
Happy deceit

Love comes
Love goes
Heart to pay the price
On Fates' cold touch

Fate spins you into
Whirlwinds of truth
Begging not to lose
Hold on frail hand now
Soaked in what 
Others can't see

Brief second you pull away
Smile on Its face
It turns you back in

It throws you back
Towards the floor
Catching just before
It all is lost tiles, tack
To stands of hair 
Fallen from neat, kept,
Wholesome hold

Between Fates' teeth
A blossom clutched
A fragile flower, life, dreams
With a sharp stab
Fate is killed
By your hands which 
It no longer held

A rose red as blood 
Falls to the floor.
Only to be caught
By the one
No longer in Fates hold
But the one who 
Holds her fate 
Her own