Secret Place

Written by: Connie Moore

There Is a Secret Place
Where Only I Can Go
It's a Place of Rest and Solitude
Where Thought and Feeling Flow

It's a Quiet Peaceful Realm
That Helps My Sanity
When Life Gets Too Confusing
It's Where I Need to Be

I Never Stay Too Long
The Helps Come Right Away
And I'm Glad I Discovered How
To Get Help for Me this Way

You May Wonder Where it Is
So I'll Let You Know
It's Where I Find My Answers...
Deep Inside My Soul

With this New Insight
Comes New Knowledge about Me
I've Come to like Myself
It's Important That I "Be"

So Look to Who You Are
That Is Where You'll Find
The Answers to Your Questions
It Will give You Peace of Mind

Connie Moore
August 19, 1992