Robin Hood

Written by: Richard D Seal

Robin Hood

It was in the time of John
In the days that have long gone
When the plight of right and wrong
A test was set

It took a man of iron will
To battle on until
A nation he would thrill
They’d ne’er forget

For John was all consumed by greed
He over taxed those most in need
Pleas of the peasants wouldn’t heed
How they’d shout

Though against his deep belief
Robin became a famous thief
To muster hope and some relief
For those without

Stepped forward Robin Hood 
With his motives understood
He set out to do some good
For the poor

To his side a band of men
Some of sword and some of pen
Gathered round him, planned and then
Evened the score

High adventures, escapades
Among the woods and leafy glades
As Robin led his daring raids
He did surprise

Pouncing on the shallow rich
From every tree and bush and ditch
Relieving them of every stitch
To equalize

When the news to John was brought
He ordered Robin must be caught
Example to the people taught
To keep them bound

Soldiers he sent out in the wood
Blundered about, it was no good
No sight or sound of Robin hood
Was to be found

With a price upon his head
Wanted both alive or dead
Not a clue did one man shed
As to his lair

For all good men could plainly see
Through his selective robbery
It was the way it had to be
To make life fair

For their king old England yearned
And when at last Richard returned
He found a lesson had been learned
Of how to rule

Of your people earn their trust
Let your reign be fair and just
And remember that you must
Ne’er be cruel

Though a saint he’d never be
For he’d robbed to set men free
From the awful tyranny 
Of evil John

Still he’s hard not to admire
Whether surf or land-borne squire
To his height try to aspire

When he knew that he would die
He shot an arrow through the sky
Where it stuck he wished to lie
Next Sherwood oak

Though the truth may now be faint
And the story old and quaint
He remains a noble saint 
To all good folk.