Where or When

Written by: Joe Flach

The ice upon which we tread is starting to grow thin
When it cracks and opens up again will we sink or swim
Assault weapons are being hoarded by frightened citizens
If everybody tries to be the first to shoot then nobody ever wins

Children are laid in their graves by a sick man on a whim
My neighbor who likes to play with guns believes he is the victim
My suggestions to add some more control are received like mortal sin
The Cheshire Cat has disappeared and taken away his grin

Logic has gone on Holiday; paranoia has settled in
I pray each night I go to bed a new day could begin
Their Uzis lay next to their Bible; the wine they chase with gin
No longer do people walk a straight line – too dizzy from the spin

The sharks are circling in the water: I see their dorsal fins
Terrorists laugh on the sideline as our country crumbles from within
Compromise sits alone in the middle, where the light has grown so dim
I know there must be an answer out there – I just don’t know where or when